Experiences from people who stayed in one of the rooms of Short Stay Tilburg.

  • "First off all, I just want to say thank you for letting me stay in your house ! From seeing your picture on facebook I knew you were a happy person with love for people and a good sense of humor, which turned out to be right. June 2019             ( Fontys student from Norway )
  • "You are a funny and lovely person who bring joy. I have learned a lot more about being environment friendly and will bring my own bags to the grocery store back home. June 2019 ( Fontys student Norway)
  • " I loved the memories we have created in this house, from watching the first snow fall , making kale chips, or just talking about life. And even though we travel so often, we always look forward to coming back to this warm and cosy home.) December 2018, University student from Singapore.
  • Thank you for being just like a family to me and to the other students. I will always remember you ! (July 2018, Student from Brasil).
  • "Thank you so much for all the laughs, the food and the talking we shared" Thanks for making me feel at home.                             (July 2018, University student from Brasil )      
  • "Thank you for your hospitality. I learned a lot about the Netherlands and Tilburg from you and admire your spirit, generosity and openness a lot. Your house is very welcoming." June 2016 (PHD candidate from Mexico)
  • "I have been very lucky to share the same house with you. Besides being an excellent professional photographer you are a great person, open minded and full of care for the others. I had a wonderful time in your beautiful house with you, the flatmates and the cats." March 2016 (University student from Greece)
  • "Thank you so much for having me here. My semester in Tilburg would not have been this enjoyable and memorable without you. Thanks to " Life plot writer" up there that wrote our paths to cross. I learned a lot from you and I will miss you a lot." January 2016 (University student from Thailand)
  • "I am so lucky I met you and that I could stay in your house for a long period. There are too many thanks. You are always so kind, enthousiastic and thoughtfull. I had a great time here and we did so many things together which would all be beautiful memories! Moreover, I also learned a lot from you. The optimistic attitude of life, respecting nature and people, always willing to help people, so you are my teacher of life!" August 2016 (PHD candidate from China)
  • "Thank you for everything. For your kindness, your joy, it was a great pleasure to meet you. Your house is amazing. I liked it here so much!" November 2014 (Intern from France)
  • "Thank you very much for this time I spend in your house, or 'How to feel like at home in a few hours!'" February 2015 (fellow worker from Tesla) 
  • Thank you for letting me stay at your wonderful house. I love the friendless and the welcoming. You are very nice to me and I always enjoy talking to you. Your two cats are also very friendly and lovely, just like the owner. June 2015 (fellow worker from Tesla)
  • Dear Karla, you are a great host. I felt welcome and at home. I really appreciated your kindness, your wicked humor and your wonderful stories. December 2014 (PHD candidate from Guatemala)